Maternity Photo Session Guidelines



I will contact you the week before the shoot to confirm our location and time. If we are planning an outdoor location and the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of the shoot, we can reschedule or do it in the studio.



  • If we are doing studio photos, decide which one of my backdrops you want to use, and let me know (see below).
  • Plan on bringing your partner to the session. Think about coordinating clothing for the look you want (see below).
  • Think about the type of maternity poses that you like. Look through photos on my blog, on pinterest, or on other photographers’ blogs. Please feel free to send me links to the poses you like, and to let me know if there are certain types of poses you do not like.


I have solid grey, black, or white backdrops if we are doing studio photos. Let me know ahead of time which one of these backdrops you would like, so I can have it set up when you get here. Here are some examples of my backdrops:



Just dress according to your personal style! But here are a few guidelines if you are feeling uncertain. Solid colors or simple/subtle patterns/textures are always nice—big, bold, busy patterns can be distracting, but are not totally out of the question. Avoid bright pinks, yellows, and greens, as these colors are hard for the camera to pick up correctly and may not print well. Thin clingy (not too tight, but form-fitting and a little stretchy) fabrics work well. Jeans or black maternity/yoga pants are great with a flattering top (v-neck or scoop neck with the ruching on the sides—something gathered in at the waist to show off that belly). Dresses work well too, but again, try to find something that clings to your body and shows its shape. If you want any bare belly pictures, a button-up shirt or a tank top that pulls up works well. Long sleeves or no sleeves are more flattering than t-shirt-length sleeves. Think carefully about accessories—watches can be distracting, but a big chunky necklace might be perfect (if it fits your personal style).  Shoes—barefoot, sandals, boots, anything that coordinates with your clothing. If you have 2 or 3 outfits you want to wear, that’s totally fine. If you have any props you want to use (baby shoes, blocks that spell baby’s name, ultrasound photo), please bring them! I will not usually include props in a maternity shoot unless you bring them.


Your partner should keep their clothing simple—jeans or khakis, soft button-up or t-shirt in plain white or a color that coordinates with you. Bring along a solid black or dark grey t-shirt too, just in case.


Plan on 1-1.5 hours for the shoot. If it is outdoors and our lighting is dependent on the sun, please be a few minutes early. Let me know when you arrive if you have any props, and how many outfits you have, so we can plan accordingly. If you are bringing any siblings to the shoot, we will do those photos first and then they can leave, if you have someone who can take them. Please only bribe—never discipline—your children during the session.


Please bring full payment (cash or check) to the shoot. Click here for pricing information.


Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your edited digital photos. I will email you a link to download the files. I can provide you with a copyright release if necessary (most of the time it’s not), so that you can have the photos printed. I can also provide high quality professional printing; please contact me for print prices. My photos are printable with good quality up to about 16×24.